Job fairs spring up

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Spring has sprung, the flowers are starting to bloom, and jobs are beginning to open up and employers are reaching out.

Tickeri Thompson just had a baby, but instead of spending time with his child, he's here at WorkSource looking for a job.

"There is a lot of pressure and stress to that too, but I got to think positive," said job seeker, Tikeri Thompson.

And Tickeri has a reason to be positive. In the latest unemployment report, 900 jobs were added in the Tri-Cities, despite seeing a half percent rise in unemployment. The news makes job seekers like Tickeri, confident.

"Excited and hopeful, I can get one of those jobs," said Thompson.

More jobs may be on the horizon, WorkSource will be hosting seven different job fairs in the next two months. One of which will be a youth job fair open to ages 16-21, with employers offering a variety of entry level type of jobs. The other main fair will be the annual Agricultural Fair in May, where employers from across the counties will be looking for hires.

"If you are not on top of this first wave, you might have a harder time finding a job later on, especially since most of these jobs will be gone," said local economist, Ajsa Suljic.

Local economist, Ajsa Suljic, says the increase of jobs during the spring will make or break the rest of the year. She also says we are still feeling the effects of the 2011 Hanford layoffs, but slowly we are recovering.

"We hope to gain all of those wages lost from Hanford, it will be a little longer trend in a year or two," Suljic.

"More and more jobs are popping up at this time, it's that time of year summer and spring, more seasonal jobs," said Thompson.

And while employers work to add jobs, Tickeri is working to find them.

"You're working for it, working to get the job," said Thompson.

For more information on upcoming job fairs at WorkSource you can click here.