Kadlec Foundation hosts Kids Dig Rigz for the truck and tank crazed

Kadlec Foundation hosts Kidz Dig Rigz.

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- If your children dig trucks, tractors and things that go vroom vroom, there is a special event you have to check out this weekend.

Kadlec Foundation is teaming up with Numerica Credit Union to put on Kidz Dig Rigz at Columbia Park in Kennewick this Saturday and Sunday.

Kids get the chance to play with and ride on all types of big rigs like tractors, fire trucks, tanks, and more.

Proceeds will benefit the pediatric patients, families and programs at Kadlec. A fun feature of the event is Saturday's hour set aside at 10 in morning just for children with special needs.

"The quiet hour is for special needs kids and their families to come down, get outside and enjoy the event without the horns and without a lot of the public," Birth Center Manager Melanie O'Brien explained. "We're hoping that it introduces them to different fields - agriculture, construction, fire department, police department, so they can start dreaming about what they want to do as they get big. "

The event opens to the general public at 11 in the morning both days and admission is only $5 for kids two and up. The first 150 kids are free! For more information visit the Kadlec Foundation webpage.

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