Kadlec's NICU reunion

RICHLAND - Here is a reunion story that you don't hear about too often. Imagine being reunited with someone who you've only met once before--- and that was when you were one day old!

Today Kadlec's NICU hosted a thirtieth reunion for past patients and their families. The Richland Community Center was lined with donors and families - all gathering for a luncheon and to share stories.

Action News caught up with one woman whose baby was born at two-pounds. Now? She's a healthy and smiley nine-month-old--- weighing in at 12 pounds.

"It means a lot! Actually, it's to celebrate her life. I liked the whole experience. Very friendly, loving, caring, everything," said NICU parent Angelica Rosas.

In all -- more than 35 people showed up to today's event.