Kennewick burglar eludes police

KENNEWICK POLICE RELEASE - Officers responded to 3119 W. 4th Avenue late last night for a possible burglary in progress. Neighbors reported that a male was at the location and they heard the sound of breaking glass. They further advised that it appeared the suspect was throwing items out the window. Officers arrived within three minutes of the dispatch and observed a truck parked in the driveway. The truck was described as an older model Dodge 4X4, black in color. When the suspect saw officers, he got in the truck and fled. Officers attempted to stop the suspect vehicle at 4th and Morain but he failed to yield. Initially the suspect was driving approximately 35 mph and there was no other traffic. After reaching 7th Ave and US 395 the suspect vehicle accelerated quickly and began driving in a reckless manner, the pursuit was terminated. Officers checked the residence which is currently vacant and being renovated. The suspect broke out a window to gain entry and cut a lock to a shed containing tools. Some of the tools were recovered as they had fallen out of the bed of the suspect truck as it fled. A laptop computer that had been in the house was also taken.