Kennewick fire station moves forward

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A plan to add a new fire station is moving forward in Kennewick. It will go on Tenth Avenue and Kellogg Street, despite concerns from people living nearby.

The city is now working on infrastructure issues. Kennewick says the station is necessary to meet the growing population. For a city the size of Kennewick, there should be six fire stations, but there are only four.

Residents have been concerned about the noise it would add to their neighborhood, but some are starting to warm to the idea.

"A fire station would be really helpful," said Jake Jacobson. "There is nothing out here in the way of fire stations for Creekstone, for Hansen Park, and with Southridge building up, we need something out here in case there ever is a fire."

The goal is to start construction next year.