Kennewick police battle graffiti

KENNEWICK - It's an ugly sight, and could come to a home near you. Kennewick Police continue to battle the ongoing graffiti outbreak.

In the past week, several more instances cropped up. It reflects a bigger trend.
January through November, graffiti is up by 16-percent for the city.
Gang graffiti is down by 14-percent, but tagging is up by more 90-percent.
Police say community tips go a long way.

"The key is to get it reported, so that we can document it. So when we do make an arrest, we can tie that incident back to that person. So it's important for people to call, because we want to be able to charge restitution back to the suspect," said Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin.

The department works closely with School Resource Officers who can help with cases involving juveniles.