Kennewick police find man accused of water scam

KENNEWICK POLICE DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE -- The City of Kennewick Public Works Department received a call from a Kennewick resident concerning a suspicious incident that took place Monday afternoon, May 5th. The resident, feeling that something was wrong contacted the City and verified that a man posing as City employee requested he be allowed to enter her home to test her water.

The caller said that yesterday around 4:00 PM a man knocked on her door and claimed that he was with the City of Kennewick and that he was there to do a water test at her house. He also stated the City sent him to target Hispanic homes since he can speak Spanish very well. The resident thought this was very odd and didn't let him in. She mentioned that he was talking very fast and was fidgeting a lot while she was asking questions.

He was not wearing any City of Kennewick clothes and didn't have a City truck. There is no indication this unknown male was a city of Kennewick Employee.

The suspect male was described as being in his 30's with Brown/Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes about 6'00 and 170lbs. The suspect spoke Spanish and told the resident he did not speak English. He was dressed in slacks and a dress shirt.

City of Kennewick Employees Public Works employees wear City of Kennewick clothing and use City vehicles while working. If you have questions concerning the identity of an employee contact Kennewick Police at (509) 628-0333.


Additional callers have come forward overnight concerning this incident. Other residents in East Kennewick have advised they were also contacted by a suspect matching the description of our first complainant.

While the individual has not been identified he did produce identification showing that he was working for a Company called "AQUA CLEAN" and when allowed to conduct his testing then attempted to sell an expensive water filtration system to the residents.
The City of Kennewick requires any company doing business in the City to be licensed and in addition door to door solicitors are also individually licensed. Neither Aqua Clean nor the individual involved in this incident are licensed by the City of Kennewick.

This company appears to be specifically targeting Spanish speaking residents. If anyone has contact with this individual or anyone representing the company, they are asked to call Kennewick Police at (509) 628-0333.

Again, the City of Kennewick is not sending individuals door to door testing water.


Kennewick Police contacted the male identified the male associated with this incident on Wednesday. He advised he was working for a California based company and was with a group of sales persons operating in Kennewick and Pasco. He was advised to stop all sales and advised of business licensing requirements. At this time the business has not applied for a City of Kennewick Business License. However, based on the deceptive practices of the business identifying themselves as representing the City of Kennewick, the City of Kennewick has determine they will not license this company to do business in Kennewick.