Kennewick Police uncover man's false fraud claims

KENNEWICK POLICE NEWS RELEASE - Last week, a Kennewick Police Officer investigated a fraud complaint where Franklin Ivory met the officer at KPD HQ in reference to a fraud where an unknown suspect reportedly used his debit account info from Gesa to charge approx $1800+ on hotel rooms and other items.

Franklin Ivory showed the officer copies of affidavit's he filled out at Gesa swearing he did not make the over drafted transactions. While interviewing Franklin Ivory, the police officer learned Ivory had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

After the interview Ivory was booked into jail for the warrant. Over the course of the next week, the same police officer's investigation revealed that Ivory's claims of fraud were false and that in fact he was the one who used his debit card to charge /overdraft his banking account at Gesa to the above mentioned amount.

The officer took the evidence to the Benton County Prosecutor's Office and was cleared to pick up Franklin Ivory and book him again, this time on a 72 hr hold for felony fraud.