Kennewick Police work to control a man

KENNEWICK - It was a startling scene for many people in Kennewick this afternoon. In the middle of a quiet street, neighbors watched a violent fight between a man high on drugs and the officers trying to arrest him.

It was a simple investigation for an erratic call on 4th Avenue. It left one man to be carried away by an ambulance after a long fight.

"They had him down on the ground - and he was being restrained," said witness Mr. Muns.

Kennewick Police responded to a call about someone acting suspicious. Police tell us the man wouldn't give them his last name. So they used his distinctive tattoos to figure out who he was. That's when they discovered he was a wanted man. Officers told me when they tried to arrest him - things got physical.

"He immediately tried to fight with the officers," said Kennewick Police Commander Scott Child.

Neighbors told Action News the takedown was violent and they worried for the safety of both parties.
In fact, two officers ended up at the hospital for minor injuries after it was all over.

REPORTER: "A lot of people were questioning whether it was legal or not."
COMMANDER CHILD: "Well, it was - when a person was trying to fight with the officers, they tried their tasers. It didn't sound like the taser deployment worked so they had to go hands on."

Some witnesses agree.

"I don't think they used inappropriate force here. I think they were well within their rights this time around," said Muns.

We talked to a friend of the man -- he said claims he was on his way to a group that supports his recovery. All in a day's work for those out protecting our streets -- as a simple call becomes anything but.

Last we checked, the officers and man were all still in the hospital. At this time, we do not know the man's name.