Kennewick public pool closed for season

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Summer isn't over but for swimmers in Kennewick, it is. The city pool suddenly closed for the season.

It was supposed to be open until this weekend. Before the shutdown hours were limited and some open swim sessions canceled.

Does this pool have a future?

Sean Cutshall and his kids are trying to squeeze out the last bit of summer before school starts. They hopped on the bus with plans to swim at the pool on Sixth.

We were the ones who told Sean the pool had closed for the season.

He said,"We saw the sign, thought we'd come back at 1:15 and now, you're informing us that it's closed for the season and we're like now what?"

Sean and his kids had to ride a few buses to get here. Their disappointment was clear.

"We were looking forward to it, yeah, kind of a last summer deal," he said.

Kennewick's open swim sessions have the caveat that 15 swimmers must show up or no one swims.

A letter to the editor complained that workers were likely to still get paid despite the cancellation. The city says not so.

Evelyn Lusignan, with the city, said "They had activities to do to close the pool and then they were sent home to be off the clock since we didn't have a session."

Evelyn Lusignan speaks for the city and says that recent complaint about the canceled session was the only one this summer. It may be just one of the factors into why the pool closed early.

State averages show municipal pools only recover about a third of their costs. Kennewick city pool manager has gone on record saying the pool loses money every year.

Which had us wondering whether the same shortened season could happen again.

The city is always reviewing the pool use policies as well as operating budgets and in the future. They're looking towards consolidating resources and training anything to help balance the books.

For now, Sean and his kids will just have to make different plans.

"We've got drinks and food and I don't know, maybe hit the park or maybe enjoy another bus ride back home," he said.

Anything besides going for a swim.

Pasco and Richland pools also operate at a loss every year.

They have no plans to stop public swimming before the planned closure for this weekend.