Kennewick residents report suspicious doorbell activity at 3 in the morning

Kennewick Police say the subject in the video, who is not currently suspected of committing a crime, has been identified as Mark McKee.

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Kennewick residents reported two suspicious men ringing their door bell at 3:00 a.m. at the 700 block of N. Fisher.

When looking at the video, two men approach the door. One man rings the bell, and when he realizes there's a camera, they appear to leave quickly.

Police stress that the subject is not currently suspected of committing a crime, but was identified as Mark McKee.

Detectives spoke with McKee and he agreed to meet with them and explain the situation. However, police say McKee did not show for the meeting and he's no longer answering their calls.

Sgt. Joe Jackson says KPD hopes McKee will come forward to speak to them because the family was very worried.

"They were alarmed by it, so they reported it to the Kennewick Police Department and provided us with the video we posted on Facebook,” Jackson said. “And I think we would all agree that the actions noted on the video were concerning."

Kennewick police say thank you to those who helped identify the subject.

Police encourage all neighbors to look out for each other and to call them if you see anything suspicious.

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