Kennewick residents sadly start new year as victims of DUI, hit-and-run

Kennewick residents sadly start new year as victims of DUI, hit-and-run{ }

KENNEWICK, Wash. – One Kennewick family had a sad start to the new year when they woke up to find out they were victims of a DUI, hit-and-run crash.

Kennewick police say around 12:45 a.m, witnesses reported that the gold Jeep, entered the Parkade at a high rate of speed heading east bound when it struck a silver Jaguar, then continued and struck a white Chevy truck.

Police said a white woman in her 20's was seen exiting the Jeep, and then running away from the crash towards Washington St.

A victim of the crash told Action News she's devastated after learning her family’s Jaguar was totaled.

"It was more than a car because we've had it for so long," said Madison Roberts, a Kennewick resident.

However, Roberts said she's grateful no one was hospitalized or killed in this incident.

“It's just kind of shocking,” Roberts said. “But at the same time, someone was buzzed and I believe that the person should stand up, and say hey, I caused this incident. I'm sorry and be able to own up to their actions."

All vehicles were towed from the scene. If you know anything about his hit and run, please contact the Kennewick Police.