Kennewick woman makes care packages for homeless struggling in heat

Kennewick woman makes care packages for homeless struggling in heat

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- With this scorching heatwave, one Kennewick woman felt inspired to help those most vulnerable—the homeless.

Kristina Ortiz loads up her car with water, snacks and care packages for those who have no escape from the hot temperatures.

She walks around seeing if homeless people are thirsty or hungry.

And in just a couple hours she gave her care packages to nearly ten people without shelter. All struggling to stay cool in this heat.

She said It's heartbreaking to see people out there like that.

Some people tell Kristina not to give to the homeless because she might just be feeding their addictions, but she doesn't see it that way.

“Everybody has problems,” Kristina said. “Nobody's perfect, and even if they were drug addicts, I would still give them water. It's the right thing to do.”

Kristina understands the struggles because she and her family found themselves homeless last winter.

“You don't get help from anybody,” Kristina said. “You feel bad because you have your kids. You have nowhere to go, nowhere to stay.”

She said a kind stranger reached out to her and gave her a place to stay. Now she continues to reach out, knowing a little goes a long way.

Kristina said making a care package for the homeless doesn't take much--just a few items laying around the house like sunblock, deodorant or feminine hygiene products.

She says when she's not delivering her care packages, she makes sure to keep water in her car if she sees someone in need.

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