Kennewick woman trapped in Tropical Storm Harvey

Kennewick woman trapped in Tropical Storm Harvey

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Tropical Storm Harvey has not only claimed lives, but it's also separated a local family.

A Kennewick husband worries from home as his wife and family members are trapped in Sugar Land, Texas.

Kennewick resident Rebecca Lowe thought she was taking a simple trip to Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston.

“My wife went down to see our new grandbaby which is a month old, and kind of got trapped there now,” Russell Lowe said.

Now most of the family is stuck in their second-floor apartment--with a stock of food and water and no way out of town.

“It's very trying because I feel helpless here,” Russell said. “I can't do anything to help them.”

Russell Lowe said he does what he can from afar to help his wife and family members, such as sending weather alerts and giving advice on how to get by.

“You're always anxious as a parent, to have your kids and your wife and your new grandbaby that you haven't even seen yet down in the middle of that,” he said.

Because of the flooding, the family has to keep moving their cars to higher ground and clearing out clogged storm drains.

“They're just going to weather it out,” Russell said.

Jessica said they're expecting their toughest days ahead, with a few inches of rain expected daily for the next few days, and limited food supply.

But they admit they're lucky to not be in the worst of the destruction.

“I suspect they'll be okay,” Russell said.

For now, Russell said he'll stay positive and try not to worry.

“She'll be glad to see the dry ground when she gets back,” he laughed.

Russell Lowe said he'll keep Action News posted on his Rebecca’s safe return to Kennewick and asks that the community pray for his family at this time.

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