Kennewick working on plan to keep fire safety rating from dropping

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The rating for the City of Kennewick's fire safety is in danger of dropping. KEPR learned that could mean a ten-percent increase to your home insurance.

It's predicted the average homeowner would likely pay about 33-dollars more a year. The city hopes to hire new fire prevention specialists and inspectors instead. You'd have to pay for this, but it could keep the fire safety rating from dropping.

So rather than pay a higher insurance cost -- your money would go towards a local person's salary.

"If it takes a little money now to save in the long run, let's spend a little money now. Because when's going to be the end of this? If you don't fix it now, it won't get better," says George Smith, a resident of Kennewick.

The city will vote on the next steps at this week's city council meeting.