KEPR Crime Tracker: Sex offenders per capita

BENTON, FRANKLIN COUNTIES - KEPR knows your child's safety is important to you. It's why we studied the numbers to find the counties with the highest concentration of sex offenders. Action News pulled those figures to see how the Tri-Cities stacks up with the rest of the state.

If Carol Kendall seems a bit uneasy, consider her story.

"I've kept close eye on the sex offenders in the area and what's going on with my children because of what happened," said Richland mother Carol Kendall.

"What happened" is that Carol was once engaged to a sex offender. He assaulted children during their relationship. And didn't tell Carol he murdered a woman 20-years earlier. He's now in prison, but Carol's guard is never down.

"I do know that there's an abundance of sex offenders in the area," said Kendall.

Carol wasn't surprised to learn Franklin County ranks number 10 in the state for the most sex offenders per capita. That's out of 39 counties in Washington.

"It's scary as a mother to raise my children in an area where there are so many. Just my neighborhood alone on my block, there's at least six," added Kendall.

We pulled the numbers. Comparing the number of sex offenders per capita. Benton County is way down at number 26. Ferry, Skamania and Grays Harbor have the highest concentration. Those are just for level twos and threes. The convicts considered most likely to reoffend.

"They look like your grandpa, your grandma, your sister, your brother. You know, we don't know what they look like," described Kendall.

Walla Walla stands at number 22 when it comes to the number of sex offenders per capita. Yakima, number 20.

To Carol, the numbers represent a threat to her kids.

"I don't let my kids walk to school. I drive them," said Kendall.

All in effort to keep your family that much safer.

And if you're curious about the Seattle area, King and Snohomish counties rank in the top 20. If you'd like to check the sex offenders living in your area, there's a link on