Kevin and Linda Lusk to divorce

WALLA WALLA COUNTY -- The principal of Prosser High School has filed for divorce from his wife, a convicted child molester. Linda Lusk is a registered sex offender after her felony conviction in Benton County Superior Court in 2011.

The couple appeared together on ABC's 20/20 more than a year ago. Kevin Lusk told the news magazine his wife, "made some unbelievably stupid decisions," but he believed her denials that she had committed a sex act on a young boy. Kevin Lusk said, "I love my wife. I believe her. I support her."

Kevin Lusk stood by Linda during her frequent court appearances on third degree child molestation charges. He also remained principal of Prosser High. Kevin Lusk was suspended with pay in January 2012 while the district investigated his attendance at off-site school events with Linda Lusk. It was found Linda was in violation of her probation by attending these high school sporting events. She spent time in jail because of it.

Kevin Lusk returned to his position in February 2012 with a punishment of seven days of unpaid leave. The district's superintendent told KEPR he "stood by" Kevin Lusk and his 26 years of "unblemished service." It was found the only mistake Kevin Lusk made was not confirming whether his wife was allowed by her community corrections officer to be at the Prosser High School functions. Kevin Lusk signed a "last chance agreement" with Prosser School District and agreed to attend counseling so he could deal with the conflicts of his wife's criminal status while serving as head of a school.

Linda Lusk was a one-term mayor and the city's first female mayor. Following her conviction in April 2011, Linda Lusk spent 90 days in jail under daytime work release. This meant she had to check into the Benton County Jail to sleep each night, but was allowed out of jail during the day so she could run her Prosser handbag store, "Get a Grip." Then in November 2011, she spent more than a week in jail under traditional lock-up for violating probation by attending a swim meet at Central Washington University. Her penalty included 16 hours of community service. Linda Lusk is a level one sex offender, considered the least likely to re-offend. Level one sex offenders are not viewable in the online database.

Kevin Lusk petitioned for divorce from Linda Lusk in Walla Walla County Superior Court in June 2012. Following routine court hearings, the divorce decree is currently set to be finalized on January 14, 2013.
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