Kevin Lusk off the job; people disappointed

PROSSER -- Action News is following up on the decision to place Prosser High principal Kevin Lusk on administrative leave.

It's an added chapter in the ongoing issue about Linda Lusk and her criminal conviction. Her husband, Prosser High Principal Kevin Lusk, was forced to take paid leave. The superintendent told our partners at the Tri-City Herald the district is looking into Kevin's attendance at school activities that Linda Lusk was also at.

It's those activities that put her in jail this past November since she hadn't gotten the state's permission to leave the area.
Some in Prosser say Kevin is being unfairly punished because of his wife's mistakes.

"It's unfair for him to be punished for what his wife does that's out of his control. He's a really good guy," says one Prosser High School student.

"In my opinion, it seems like we're just trying to keep Prosser on the map, to get more people to come to our town to see what's going on here," another person says.

Lusk was convicted of molesting a 14-year-old boy. As a registered sex offender, she is under strict probation terms.

"If she's not supposed to go to schools, he should have known better and not taken her, but she should have known better too, so they're both guilty," another homeowner tells Action News.

Meantime, people would like to know why more details about Kevin Lusk's suspension haven't been released.

"It would be right to know if someone was harmed, harassed, or endangered, or if it's just the process of some sort of investigation."

An investigation that now has the watchful eye on the longtime principal.