KPD release on shooting

KENNEWICK POLICE NEWS RELEASE -- Kennewick Police responded to a report of a suspicious person this morning which resulted in a chain of events including a 30 minute pursuit and ending in the suspect being shot by Officers after he pointed a weapon at them twice. The incident started when a Kennewick resident reported a burglary and auto theft. Below is a time line of events.

In addition Kennewick Police are investigating are Robbery's and an Attempted Burglary that took place just prior to the auto theft between 4:48 AM and 6:00 AM. A robbery took place at 425 S Olympia St of a male as he went to work. A second robbery attempt took place between 5:00 AM and 6:00 at 401 S Quincy St and an Attempted Burglary was reported at 5:40 AM at 1510 W 4th Ave. As these incident are in the same area and time frame of the auto theft we are looking into the possibility they are all related. In addition anyone in this area that had an incident early this morning is asked to contact Kennewick Police at (509) 628-0333 to report the incident.

The Officer involved shooting case is being handled by the Special Investigative Unit and does not involve Kennewick or Richland Police Department.

June 27, 2014 0605-0610
404 S Olympia St Apt A Burglary & Auto Theft:
Complainant reported that the front door of his apartment was left open overnight and sometime between 0605 and 0610 an unknown subject entered the residence, stole keys to three vehicles and that a 2003 tan with silver Ford Focus was taken- Washington License APG 9616.

Complainant reported that a male subject was seen in the neighborhood this morning and was in a Gold Ford Escort with License APG 9616. The complainant said the male ducked down in the vehicle when he saw the complainant and was now leaving towards Morain Street on Hood Ave. Complainant also reported that a license plate (APP 4040) was stolen from a vehicle as well.

0732 hrs- A Kennewick Police Officer observed the vehicle going North on Reed St at a high rate of speed. Over the next 30 minutes the suspect lead officers back and forth in an area between Hood Avenue and Canal Drive from Volland St to Fisher Street. This included;

-West on Klamath Ave from Sheppard St and toward Hood Ave.
-The suspect then went into the apartment parking lot and then back toward Volland St and then towards WinCo Food on West Clearwater Avenue.
-He then went into the backside of WinCo Foods at 4602 W Clearwater Ave and then back onto Volland Street. At this time the front passenger side tire was blown out.
-The vehicle continued on Volland Street past Hood Ave and the driver then pointed a gun to his own head.
-The vehicle continued toward Canal Drive turning east onto Canal and then south onto Fisher Street. During this time the driver appeared to be screaming and held the gun to his head once again.
-He continued to Hood Ave and went west on Hood Avenue and was hanging out the window while driving and continued to point his weapon at his head.
-The vehicle then went north on Volland and then onto Imnaha Ave and he again had his head out the window with the gun pointed at his head and then went North on Willams St onto John Day Ave and then back to Volland Street going North and then turning onto W Klamath Ave.

At 0802 hrs the suspect left the stolen vehicle and pointed his weapon at Officers and Kennewick Police Officer Joshua Kuhn, 36, fired at the suspect. The suspect then entered into the apartment located at 4503 W Klamath Ave Apt B.

Immediately, Officers set up containment of the apartment and units from Kennewick and Richland Police Departments and Benton County Sheriff's Department contained the area and began a tactical operation to search the area for the suspect. During this time there were reports of a possible suspect running in the area but these did not turn out to be the suspect.

Also during this time Kamiakin High School was notified to lock down and area residences were searched for the suspect.

At about 0814 hrs the suspect left 4503 W Klamath Apt B armed with a weapon and confronted officers. At that time Kennewick Police Officer Jose Santoy, 29; Kennewick Police Officer Joshua Kuhn and Richland Police Sgt Wayne Dubois, 43, engaged the suspect who was struck multiple times.

Officer Kuhn is a 12 year veteran of the Kennewick Police Department. He is a member of Tri City Regional SWAT.

Officer Jose Santoy is a 3 1/2 year veteran of the Kennewick Police Department and was with the Bellevue Washington Police Department prior to coming to Kennewick.

Sgt Wayne Dubois is a 10 year veteran of the Richland Police Department and was with the Benton County Sheriff's Department prior to working for Richland Police.

Suspect: Aaron Thomas Wright 02/02/1982
Last Known Address: 600 block of N Reed St, Kennewick, WA

Wright has extensive criminal history dating back to 1995.