Lampson Cable Bridge Run attracts all ages

PASCO - Here's some good news for you...a lot of you braved the cold for the big Lampson Cable Bridge Run.

Walkers and runners alike took to the pavement....crossing the bridge in style. It was the run's 34th year today - and it continues to attract people of all ages.

Cayle Turpen was the top finisher for the five-K - at a little over 16 minutes. Melanie Hevel took it for the ladies - coming in at 20-minutes.

We talked to one enthusiastic 8-year-old - who particularly liked the variety of costumes.

Reporter: Were you faster than all the other kids?
Evan Ellis: Yeah. And I saw some people dressed up in costumes like a Christmas tree, a present, a Santa, a reindeer!" said Race Participant Evan Ellis.

In total, over two-thousand laced up to cross the Columbia.