Large turnout for Richland Gun Show

RICHLAND - The possibility of stricter gun control laws led to huge crowds at the Richland Gun Show this weekend.

Not only was the gun show sold out--- but 200 people had lined up at the doors by the time the event opened. It all happened inside the ballroom at the Shilo Inn.

Venders from across the country everything from pistols and rifles to ammunition and gear.

Promoters of the event say the heightened interest in firearms is a direct result of gun control legislation.

"The very second that the government starts talking about banning anything, the public responds with the opposite reaction. They're like, if the governemtn says it's bad, then we need to buy more of it," said gun show promoter Brian Kjensmo.

Also available at the show were knives, jewelry, and clothing. No anti-gun protestors attended the event.