Late night car chase leads police to pool party

KENNEWICK - It was a frightening night for residents in West Kennewick. It began as a cops chased two suspects in their vehicle. When the suspects crashed in front of La Serena apartments, one took off on foot! Leading cops to a neighborhood pool party.

It's an arrest that shook up entire community. David Hutson says he'll never forget what he saw. His brother took these pictures.

"We heard sirens from all directions, just everywhere. Flashing lights from everywhere," said pool party host David Hutson.

David had invited his family from out-of-town to celebrate his birthday.
It was supposed to be a relaxed event. A simple barbecue by the pool.

But just a couple hours into it, and this quiet community transformed into a crime scene.

"I heard a large crash about ten feet from here," said Hutson.

David showed me where the car crashed at the entrance to La Serena. Saying the driver was lucky to have missed the nearby gas pipes. For such an extreme scene, the chase was short. Only totaling three minutes in all.

Cops first spotted the car near 10th and Kellogg Street. The owner had reported the vehicle as taken without permission.

Once the driver crashed, he fled on foot. Circling around the apartments.

"I heard the cops say lay down, lay down," recounted Hutson.

And landing at David's pool party.

"He was a natural person. Absolutely dead calm, just straight, normal," said Hutson.

David couldn't tell if the suspect was just a neighbor. After all, he said dozens of residents were milling around in confusion.

Reporter: "He was standing right next to your mom and to your niece?
Huston: "Close enough for them to hand him a plate with a hot dog on it."

A K-9 unit was called in to find the suspect. The dog eventually led officers to 22-year-old David Eric Stickley. Arresting him for felony eluding.

Passenger Cameron Earl Campbell was also booked for possessing a dangerous weapon. The investigation is ongoing.