Leaky tank at Hanford: Rainwater or radioactive waste?

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HANFORD, Wash. -- We're still waiting for confirmation on whether a double-shell tank at Hanford has leaked into the soil below.

The shocking revelation was made in a late-night phone call to the Governor last week, and now Action News is taking a closer look at Hanford's Dirty Secrets.

Together with the KING 5 investigators in Seattle, new reports on exactly what a Hanford contractor knew about that leaky tank.

Mike Geffre works for Washington River Protection Solutions. He says he found evidence the tank had been breached a year and a half ago - and his bosses tried to chalk it up to rainwater and not radioactive waste.

"I knew it was serious because that's what my career's been for 25 years - to monitor these tanks, to check for leaks," Geffre said.

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