Legal to carry pot into Washington airports

PASCO, Wash -- You might be surprised to learn the TSA isn't searching your suitcase for marijuana, but that doesn't mean you get to carry it on. Rory Hanley thinks if you have a prescription for marijuana or you're allowed to use it legally, you should be able to take it wherever you go.

"I think you should be able to I have friends and family that require it and it helps them out a lot," said Hanley.

Under Washington law, it's legal to carry pot into the airport in the Tri-Cities and Yakima.

"You can be in public spaces at the airport and it's not an issue,"said Chief Arthur Owen with Port of Pasco.

But trying to carry your weed in a checked bag or through the TSA check point and onto a flight, is a whole different issue.

"Once you go through that check point, you're under federal control,"said Owen.

The drug is still illegal at the federal level. We asked to speak to the TSA about the regulation. The agency provided a statement that said, "If during the security screening procedures an officer discovers an item that may violate the law, TSA refers the matter to law enforcement."

Here in the Tri cities or Yakima, you have three options from law enforcement.

"Take it back out to your car, if your car is here at the airport you can leave it, you can take it back out of the check point and you can leave it with someone that is there to see you off or you can surrender that to airport police officers,"said Owen.

But you won't be allowed to fly with it. Recreational pot is also legal in Colorado. At the Colorado Springs airport, you can surrender it to an amnesty box. Voluntarily drop in a box before a flight.

"Maybe having that at the Tri-Cities airport? That's a safe way to do it, I say yeah,"said Hanley.

Fellow traveler Shauna Guajardo disagrees.

"It blows my mind, to me I can see crime, I mean if someone wants to get their hands on that,"said Guajardo.

If you're coming to the airport just pick somebody up and have a legal amount of pot in your pocket, you should be alright.

"Now that doesn't mean you can smoke your marijuana in public,"said Owen.

The Tri-Cities and Yakima airport have no plans of adding a marijuana dropbox anytime soon.