Less animals euthanized at Tri-City shelter

PASCO - Here's some good news -- far fewer animals are being euthanized at the Tri-City animal shelter.

This year the number of pets being put to sleep has fallen 20%. That's 100 fewer animals that have been euthanized. Workers tell us the success stems from contracts with no-kill shelters.
Overcrowding means many animals are being sent to shelters with no-kill policies. The animal shelter tells us euthanasia is often the last choice.

"And it wouldn't because we want to, but we only have so much space. As an animal control agency, our doors -- we can't put up 'we're full today," said Tri-City Shelter Director Angela Zilar.

The cost to put animals to sleep? It's budgeted to cost about $1,500 every single year.