Local businesses on the move in Pendleton

PENDLETON, Ore. -- The new year has not been favorable for local entrepreneurs in Oregon. Multiple businesses are closing their doors in Pendleton.

"Drive around and walk around, it feels like a ghost town at this point, everything is dying out and failing," said hairdresser Jennifer Elder.

Jennifer Elder has worked at the Perfect Look salon for the last eight years. She says she has seen businesses come and go from this strip mall known as Melanie Square.

"If you lived in an area for a long time, you are used to having businesses that are there forever, and watching them fail is sad," said Elder.

More than 30 jobs will be lost in the next few weeks. The 24 hour club is relocating, Pendleton's only bowling alley was recently sold and will be replaced with stores, and only a block down the road, Albertsons is also closing its doors.

"You find in every community, there is a transition that does go on and what we need to do is makes sure that turns out to be a positive one in the long term," said Pendleton Mayor Phillip Houk.

"It's a loss, definitely a loss, and every time we lose another business here, it leaves a hole in our community," said Elder.

"You're not always happy about what the choices are, what leaves and sometimes, what comes in, but what we want to do is provide as many chances as possible," said Mayor Houk.

But officials say it is not all doom and gloom. In the past month, Dutchman RV announced it was expanding. Several other manufacturing companies are as well, the projection is 200 new jobs by the end of the year.

"Pendleton is healthy, Pendleton is getting stronger," said Mayor Houk.

Jennifer can only look to the future as well.

"We're looking forward to it."

Staff say Albertsons will be closing for good Feburary 20th. There is no set date on the closing for the bowling alley, but they have cut their hours. They do not open until 3 p.m. during the week.