Local fire crew climbs for a cause, dedicated to one of their own

This past weekend, a handful of area firefighters visited Seattle to climb for a cause.

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- This past weekend, a handful of area firefighters visited Seattle to climb for a cause.

"There's a lot of people who are really in need out there. There's a lot of heavy hearts and we hope that we can make a difference just in our small way by doing this," said Ryan Brovont, a firefighter at Franklin County Fire District 3.

Local firefighters teamed up with others in our state suited up in full gear to climb almost 70 floors of stairs.

"There's a lot of firefighters there. There's like 2,000 that are all there for one common cause and we're trying to knock this thing out,” said Brovont.

The Scott Firefighter stair climb is an annual event with the goal to raise funds and awards for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Ryan climbed before, but this year was different.

"Our captain got a phone call that one of our very own had his wife had come down with leukemia. So at first it was sobering and then we're like hey we're going to jump together and this is what we're going to climb for this year," said Brovont.

Justin Waldron has been a firefighter at Fire District 3 for about five years.

It's his wife Brittany who firefighters dedicated their climb to.

"We're a family. When you hear somebody inside your own department or even at a local department next to you is struggling with this or is diagnosed, it gives you that sinking feeling in your heart," added Brovont.

Crews taped a picture of Brittany on each of their helmets and pushed through for her.

"It gives you more of a purpose and more of a reason. It's not just a society, but for someone we know," added Brovont.

Even though it was hard, Ryan says he would do it all again.

"The pain that we felt was nothing compared to all those that are suffering from this. It's just a minuscule dot on the board compared to what they're going through so we're more than glad to do it," said Brovont.

Over the past 26 years that the stair climb has been going, it's raised $12-billion for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

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