Local gas prices drop

WASHINGTON STATE -- As you prepare to hit the road this summer, Action News learned gas prices are going down.

In the past month, the price of gas in the Tri-Cities has dropped almost 20 cents. It's a similar trend in Yakima which is down by a dime since May.

We should mention that prices are still higher than this time a year ago. For those who travel far, the new lows are a warm welcome.

"I am glad to see them go down since I do travel quite a ways back and forth to work each day. I do what I have to do," said local driver Cheryl Staley.

If you live in Yakima, it's cheapest to fill-up at the Arco on north first street. And over in Tri-Cities, you'll find the lowest prices at the Exxon on Kellogg and Clearwater - and over in Richland at Leslie and Gage.