Local outlet sells out of Twinkies

KENNEWICK - It is a mad dash for a treat that will soon disappear. If you found yourself headed to the store to get a last-ever twinkie, you're in good company.

Franz bakery outlet tells us all Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Snowballs sold out by 10 this morning. That comes a day after Hostess which makes Twinkies said it was shutting down, putting thousands out of work.

If you can't find any Twinkies in the our area and are desperate some boxes run for one-thousand bucks on e-bay.

"It's sad because I grew up on them, so - it's going to be different," said Hostess Consumer Tiffany Wood.

"We're going to stock up on them and we're going to just keep on getting as much as we can," added another Hostess Consumer Rebecca Wood.

Outlet employees also say the biggest Hostess sale of the past day hours totalled 75 dollars.