Local security standards reinforced after bouncer charged with assault

TRI CITIES -- Ben Ensign remains hospitalized after he was violently kicked out of Jack Didley's in downtown Kennewick. Action News wanted to know if the high-profile incident has other bars in town changing the way they do security.

The security manager at "Out and About" in Pasco, Ryan Clary, says his security staff are there to protect his club and his customers.

"It's not very often that we have to take somebody down to the ground, but it does happen. Sometimes people are violent, and they make bad decisions," explained Clary.

He says it's all part of the deal, especially when you serve alcohol. Clary takes just as much inventory of his booze as he does his bouncers. He tells KEPR, as soon as he heard about the Jack Didley's alleged assault case on the 4th of July, he immediately took his staff aside to make sure everyone knew the rules.

"I felt it was important to go over it with them because it's something I don't want to see happen here," Clary said.

It's something Ben Ensign's mother doesn't want to see anywhere.

"There have been numerous incidents at Jack Didley's," alleges Sheila Barichello. "Some reported, and some not reported. That is our concern, because we are seeing a pattern."

She's now calling on Jack Didley's owner, Todd Jones, to overhaul his security staff policy.

"Shortly after the incident with Ben, it was made clear to us that Mr. Jones does not intend to change any of his policies or procedures. That is very worrisome. Very worrisome," explains Barichello.

Clary says his policy has always been about playing it safe. He tells Action News that physical contact is always a last resort.

"Be nice, be nice, be nice. And if you can't be nice, then we'll get the police department involved," says Clary. "We can't take it personally. I tell folks that we deal with people on their best day and on their worst day, so it's our job to make sure they get home in the same shape that they showed up in."

Action News did try to contact Jones for comment, after bouncer Matthew Hibbard was charged with 3rd Degree Assault. He has not returned our calls. But we did speak with Jones a few days after the alleged assault. At that time, he told KEPR that he stood by the actions of his security staff.