Local smokeshops expect similar business with I-502

Action News continues to follow the aftermath of law that legalizes marijuana here in Washington. I-502 will take effect this Thursday--- and as the big day approaches, local smoke shops tell us they don't expect too many changes.

More than a dozen smoke shops sell drug paraphernalia in both Yakima and the Tri-Cities. And business owners say there could be an increase in selling those items now that marijuana laws have been relaxed.

They say I-502 will indirectly provide jobs for other small businesses in our area.

"I do expect to see some minor changes with the dissolution of of paraphernalia laws, for example -- it's going to make some things a little easier for folks with legal substances," said Rock N' Roll Smokeshop Co-Owner Clayton Looney.

The initiative will be put into December sixth - making it legal to carry an ounce of marijuana for those over 21.