Local woman warns others after man approaches her with video of sex acts

After a sex predator approached a local woman in her own neighborhood, she's now speaking out to warn others.

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- After a sex predator approached a local woman in her own neighborhood, she's now speaking out to warn others.

“It’s really simple to believe that this will never happen to me. I’ve walked for 13 years and it never happened to me. But on Monday morning that all changed,” said Mary Ann Breshears.

Breshears said a man approached her on her walk in broad daylight.

"All I kept thinking is this couldn’t be happening- it can’t be,” added Breshears.

She said a man drove up to her, pulled out his phone with a sex act video and asked how much should he pay her to do it.

Breshears said no and immediately called 911. The man then drove off.

"I still think about it and want to throw up. I just was mortified,” said Breshears.

But Breshears said she made herself vulnerable by wearing headphones.

“They’re great. They block all the noise but unfortunately you’re not able to understand or hear what’s going on around you if you take one of your senses away. It’s really easy to take one of the ear buds out maybe listen to them at a lower setting,” said Ofc. Becca Henry with the Kennewick Police Department.

Police said to be careful social media distracts you from noticing if a car is approaching you.

If you are in this situation, officials said to yell for help, run to somewhere safe and call 911.

“I would never want my daughter to have to experience that kind of fear and be violated like that. That’s why I’m taking action," said Breshears.

She's holding a safety class for women next month, with experts on the matter.

“Everybody’s got a role -a parent, a sister or a daughter. There’s somebody that your life matters to them - so what do you do every day to make sure you get home safely to them people that you love?” said Emmy Sauceda of Damsels in Defense, a local group with the mission to protect women and arm them with non-lethal options.

"I want to make a difference so that none of our daughters are at risk and we as mothers are safe as well,” ended Breshears.

The personal safety and awareness class is September 5th. Women of all ages can go and it's free.

Here is more information on the event:

Date: Tuesday, September 5th

When: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Where: 9221 W Clearwater Ave. #A

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