Locals support Super Bowl Champs

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - The whole state is still pinching themselves after a blowout Super Bowl victory from our beloved Seattle Seahawks, just 24 hours later, it is all anyone can talk about.

Cam Mertens was one of the lucky fans who made the trip to New Jersey to see the Seahawks pummel the Broncos.

"Everyone is going crazy, but the first half everyone was stunned, this is actually how this game is happening," said Cam Mertens.

He witnessed first hand the Seattle Seahawks claim their first Lombardi trophy. He spoke with me on Facetime from the airport as he prepared to return to the Tri-Cities. His voice is sore and his flight was delayed for snow, but said he would do it all again.

"An experience of a lifetime and I am forever in this moment now, I'm part of Seahawks history, so it's worth it," said Mertens.

But not everyone was able to snag a ticket to New Jersey. Robert Clark watched from home with the 12th man stained to his skin. Despite the blowout, Robert said he couldn't help being nervous.

"I was pacing across the floor, I couldn't sit down," said Robert Clark.

Robert's love for the Seahawks is loud and clear to anyone who sees his house or car. He flies the 12th man flag from his car window and he has Seahawks logos stuck on the sides. Robert's trying to savor every moment of this win, which is why he's planning on heading to the celebration parade in Seattle on Wednesday.

"You never know if it will come back and you just got to go support our team, let them know we love them," said Clark.

Sports Authority got its first shipment of Super Bowl T-Shirts within hours of the win. As employees started opening boxes, customers could barely contain themselves.

"It's been so exciting, it has united both sides of the state and just being a part of that has been a wonderful exciting thing," said customer Phyllis Bluex.

And it doesn't matter where you are, there is always a member of the 12th man nearby.

"Everyone is kind of like me, they have lost their voice, but we're just high-fiving each other, smile, give a little head nod, like we all just know," said Mertens.

Within the last couple hours, "Just Sports" from the mall says they received their shipment of Super Bowl memorabilia as well. Big 5 and JC Penney will be getting theirs in the next couple days.