Long lines at the DMV? Not anymore!

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- If it's time to renew your tabs at the DMV, the whole process might be a lot faster than you remember.

In the last two years, wait times at the Kennewick DMV have gone from an average of 45 minutes, to just seven minutes today.

Call it a wonder of the modern age. Faced with packed lines and plenty of fed-up drivers, the Washington Department of Licensing turned to the internet to streamline the process. At the tap of a mouse, you can do everything from renew your license to get a copy of your driving history.

A change to driver's training has also helped. Six months after training was privatized, drivers now have more options around town other than the DMV.

The result is a much shorter wait.

DMV workers tell KEPR the longest waits often happen on Tuesdays.