Making more in the Tri-Cities than you would anywhere else

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Daniel Harp just moved to the Tri-Cities from Bellingham. He's worked construction for most of his life, all over the country. But he recently ran out of work on the West Side and came here.

He tells KEPR, "Yeah it's definitely a whole different ball game here."

"A different ball game" that pays much more than what Daniel is used to. I found out the average wages in the Tri-Cities are higher in many industries than the rest of the country.

"It's a good thing. If you get the job," Daniel explains.

According to the bureau of labor and statistics, Architecture and Engineering Workers, like at Hanford, get $43.00/hour here and $37 on average in the U.S.
Protective services, like police and fire get an average $24 for their hourly wage and $20 in the nation.
Construction workers get $24.00/hour here, $3 more than the national average.

But it's not all good news...the pay increase is hard on employers.. having to keep up and pay workers more.

Daniel says, "It's hindering the amount of workers you're able to hire to get the job done quicker."

And Not all industries have seen this trend. KEPR also looked into what jobs have lower pay in the Tri-Cities compared to most places.
The legal side of crime.. lawyers and attorneys get an average of $47/hour in the U-S.. but just $34.00/ hour here.
Sales gets $4 less an hour and Teachers get an average $3 less an hour. That last one is the statistic that was most concerning to people I talked to.

Joseph Perkins says, "Having people at an impoverished level and teaching our children, there's something wrong there."

They say no matter what type of job you're getting or how much pay, there's not much job security in time like this.

"Tighten your belts. Get ready for tough times," Joseph continues.

But that won't discourage Daniel.

He says, "I'm not leaving. I moved here for a reason and no matter how hard it gets, I'm gonna make it work."