Man arrested after victim says he forcibly licked her leg

pasco lick assault.jpg

PASCO, Wash.

A man is now behind bars this morning after confronting a woman in her car in Pasco and allegedly licking her bare leg.

The 22-year-old victim objected to this attention, but he was blocking her door and refusing to leave her alone.

She began recording him on her own cell phone, and a friend of hers showed up and ordered the man to leave. Pasco Police were called after he left.

Officer Matt Decker found the man's Nissan Altima, caught on the victim's video, on Thursday at midnight, driving on Court Street near Road 76.

The driver was 30-year-old Armando Reyes-Medrano, of Pasco, and he was immediately recognized as the same male in the photo.

Pasco PD arrested and booked Reyes-Medrano into Franklin County Jail on an initial investigative hold for Indecent Liberties.

Detective Chris Caicedo will be following up, and there will be issues about communication and cultural background to work through, but unwanted touching of any kind in Pasco will normally be at minimum a misdemeanor assault, and the current Indecent Liberties charge is a felony sex crime.

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