Man caught in Pasco awaits charges in Spokane

PASCO, Wash. -- The man who shot himself in the leg on Sunday remains in critical condition at a Portland hospital. Brandon Mellon accidentally shot himself and hit a major artery. Police later realized he was the prime suspect in a murder in Spokane two days earlier.

Spokane media reports the witnesses to that murder are not cooperating. That has made it hard to find a motive. Arnold Lommasson, 48, was found shot in the head in a Spokane apartment.

Our colleagues at KREM report Mellon is a ten-time convicted felon for crimes including weapons, theft and eluding. It's believed Mellon fled to Pasco in a stolen car. The TV station reports detectives interviewed a woman who was with Mellon in Pasco. She told them Mellon intended to partake in a shoot-out with police.