Man dies during arrest after chase

PASCO, Wash. -- Surprising new developments coming out of the police investigation in Pasco we brought you Sunday.

Action News learned a man died when officers arrested him early Sunday morning. He ran way from police when they showed up to break up a large fight.

Yenetsiy Zaragoza recalls the frightening scene she woke up to early Sunday morning.

"I just saw a lot of cops here. It was surrounded. I just moved here, so I was surprised to see so many police officers here," she says.

She watched along with her neighbors as the investigation unfolded near the house on 9th Street. At the time, no one knew what happened.

"They were saying that this man that was dead on the road, that somebody was fighting with another one and just like that," she added.

Here's what investigators are telling us now. A 35-year-old man was cornered by police in this gravel parking lot. During his arrest, officers say he collapsed and died. His name hasn't been released.

Investigators insist no guns, tazers, or spray were used and maintain there's no sign of excessive force.

Police say the entire situation started at the Golden Nugget Night Club. The man was involved in an altercation and when police showed up, he took off. He ran five blocks to the spot where officers cops say he was arrested and died.

It's not known yet how he died and detectives haven't identified him.
The Tri-Cities Special Investigative Unit is now handling the case.

Yenetsiy says she's considering moving her family out of the area.

"I know there's problems everywhere, but I don't want my daughters, with all this stuff going on, I don't want them to see anything like that," Yenetsiy says.

Pasco police say it's rare for them to see something like this happen, but have heard about it in other departments.
At the moment, they're calling it an unexplained death.

Officers say about 15 people were involved in the fight. But, there's no sign the 35-year-old was hurt seriously at the night club.

Police are not ruling out drugs or alcohol as a factor. An autopsy will be performed.