Man hurt while sleeping in dumpster says he had right to be there

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Police in Kennewick say a man was injured Friday morning after the dumpster he was sleeping in was emptied into a trash truck.

Officers say the driver was dumping garbage in the 1500 block of 7th Avenue just before 7:30 when he noticed what appeared to be a person in the trash. As he stopped the equipment, the man jumped out of the truck and confronted him.

When the Kennewick Police Department arrived on scene, Justin Neiman told officers he had a right to be in the dumpster. He argued that, since a notice on the side of the dumpster said, "Do not climb on, in or occupy this container," but not "No Trespassing," he was allowed to sleep inside.

Despite Neiman's protests, he was cited for criminal trespassing.

Neiman suffered minor injuries from his ten-foot fall from the dumpster to the bottom of the truck. He received medical attention.