Man shot near Pasco cornfield

PASCO, Wash. -- Deputies are still investigating a shooting early Wednesday morning in Franklin County.

A man was found shot in the back in a corn field off the pasco-kahlotus highway. After interviewing the victim, police have a better idea of what might have happened. They say two pick-up trucks were blocking the highway and when matriano mendoza drove around them, he was shot.

Mendoza says the drivers followed him until he lost them in a corn field and hid for hours until police found him around one am. Police don't think this was a random attack.

Franklin County Sheriff, Richard Lathim told KEPR, "We believe there must be some connection or they mistook him for someone else. but there seems to be some motive... other than a carjacking type situation."

Mendoza is in the hospital and expected to recover.