Meals on Wheels celebrates one year and more than 150k meals

Meals on Wheels celebrates one year and more than 150k meals

RICHLAND, Wash. - Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels is celebrating one year in their kitchen.

The non-profit organization relies on donations and volunteers to deliver fresh meals to over 1,700 home bound seniors in our area.

Since opening last year the kitchen has prepared over 150,000 meals. That is 10,000 more than in the twelve months leading up to the move.

Nutrition service director Marcee Woffinden said they were at full capacity before the move even though they wanted to do more.

She said that isn't something they have to worry about now.

Woffinden said she loves what she does because our elders shouldn't have to worry where their next meal is coming from.

“To have to choose between medication and whether you turn your heat on or whether you buy groceries. What a hard thing to choose from. This is America, one in six seniors in America goes hungry or faces food insecurities. That’s not right.“

Woffinden said Meals on Wheels is on track to add another 10,000 meals to last years total in spite of funding for federal aid to being cut 18 percent.

She said they have someone doubling all donations made until Sept. 30, up to $10,000.

To donate to Meals on Wheels, visit their website.

To volunteer at Meals on Wheels, call 509-735-1911.

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