Middle School brawls coin 'Homie Boxing'

PASCO, Wash. -- KEPR learned of a disturbing trend spreading through the hallways of a Pasco Middle School. Videos of student brawls are being posted online and going viral. McLoughlin students are calling it "Homie Boxing," but administrators say this is no club sport.

Naomi Matson grew up in the Tri-Cities. She's an alum of McLoughlin Middle.

She says, "Pretty good school back then. Didn't see a lot of fighting"

KEPR showed her the video of kids brawling in a school locker room. It wasn't the McLoughlin she remembered.

She responded, "Wow. Highly inappropriate."

This isn't a typical school yard fight. The principal tells me large groups of students are meeting in the bathrooms and locker rooms to box each other during school hours.

Principal of McLoughlin Middle School, John Wallwork, tells KEPR,"The students call this homie boxing."

It's been an ongoing trend at McLoughlin Middle school this year.

The name homie boxing comes from the idea that all these guys are friends and by laying down one rule.. No shots to the head.

Wallwork continues, "Maybe they've grow up together, they've slept over at each others' house."

Simple rules and concepts, but more sophisticated than you might think to keep their fight club under the nose of school administrators.
They'll establish a lookout while someone records the fight and other students egg them on.

Wallwork says, "I mean, you get in wrestling matches with your friends, but no, this is a new thing.. For McLoughlin Middle School."

Several videos like this have been brought to the administration by students, parents and even posted on Facebook. The principal says anyone involved can be suspended. From the lookout to the fighter.
McLoughlin's security guards and SRO are on high alert and do regular sweeps of the bathrooms and locker rooms. So far they say it's working.

Naomi chimes in, "Children deserve to feel safe at school and not have to worry about violence."

Even if they stop homie boxing now, the school district knows a new challenge always awaits.

"They'll probably be something new come next year," Wallwork sighs.

The school is also hosting an anti-bullying day Wednesday on campus. Kids will have lessons on the negative effects of bullying in each one of their classes.