Minimal construction this summer on state roads

BENTON, FRANKLIN COUNTIES, Wash. -- You won't see as many orange cones littering the roads this summer. Few projects are planned on state roads.

The DOT plans to do some chip seals. Officials say that shouldn't impede traffic very much.

Those projects are spread out throughout the region. Some are planned for I-82, 395, Highway 12 by Benton City and Highway 224. Delays could be up to five or ten minutes, but that's all.

"I'm really excited that there's not going to be much traffic, because I'll get to see the area around here and make it around Badger Mountain and the other regional highways. It's just beautiful around here, and being new to the area, it's great," said Tri-City driver Darby Meegan.

DOT expects more projects for our region next year, pending money from lawmakers.