MISSING PERSON ADVISORY: Teen missing from Royal City

ROYAL CITY, Wash. -- Police are still looking for 16-year-old Monica Helberg. She was taken Thursday from road "E" in royal city.

An Amber Alert was revised to be called a "missing person advisory."
The difference a person has to be reported missing within four hours of being gone with clear evidence of an abduction. Officials renamed the search based on this.

Monica is 5'7" and 140 pounds. She may be with 22-year-old Miles Moncada. He's 6'1" and 165 pounds. Miles, who may also go by 'Logan,' has brown eyes and brown hair.

There is a restraining order against Moncada. The pair may be in a yellow 2010 Ford Focus. It's a four-door with California plate #7AME520. They may be en route to California.

Police believe Monica was taken against her will and is missing her asthma medication.

"We're feeling very, very afraid. We're feeling very scared, very worried. She's been gone now for, it's the third day, and we don't know where she is, we haven't heard from her, not a call, not a text, not anything. We have no idea where she is," said Monica's mother Lisa Helberg.

Officials tell us there isn't firm evidence she's not a runaway. Another reason why the alert was switched to an advisory. If you have any information, call 911.