More auto thefts for Kennewick

The Action News Crime Tracker is following up on a recent outbreak of auto thefts in Kennewick--- and the numbers are still bleak.

Since our last report just before Christmas, several more cars have been snatched across the city.
Officials say it's just that time of year.

People leave cars unlocked while warming up -- leaving another opportunity for thieves.
Police tell Action News no specific location is targeted.
But they do advise you to park cars in garages or close to your home -- instead of the street.

"They just have to call and make a report. We do a report, and then we put out an ATL - which is an attempt to locate throughout the state for the vehicle," said Kennewick Police Officer Tony Valdez.

As always - police work with the statewide Auto Theft Task Force to build more difficult cases.