More churches offer counseling for sex addiction

It is a staggering number--- each year, the U-S porn industry makes $14 billion --- and more money than the entire NFL. And as those profits rise, it's leading to leading to a public health problem that most people don't want to acknowledge--- sex addiction.

Action News discovered more local churches are offering counseling for porn addicts.
KEPR talked to one couple who found healing from a secret addiction.

"Every waking minute - that's all you think about," described Jim.

This man is recovering from a porn addiction - and asked us to shield his identity. We'll call him Jim.

"I tried to stop myself," explained Jim.

For years Jim kept his porn addiction from everyone--- including the people closest to him.Coming out to his wife was no easy task.

"The fear of being discovered and going behind her back. I kept it a secret for a very long time," said Jim.

"Julie" and "Jim" restored their marriage - by way of faith and intensive counseling.

They are the exception.

Divorce lawyers say 50% of their cases involve a partner addicted to porn.

"It's a problem! It destroys good sex in marriage," emphasized Julie.

Action News found more churches in the area are offering counseling and support groups for sex and porn addiction. We talked to handfuls of churches that say more men are facing their hidden hang-ups.

"For a long time there's been a huge stigma," said Counselor BJ Olson.

Counselors tell KEPR they see more couples coming forward to get help.

"Keep it in the dark and don't talk about it, but also this movement to try and say that it's normal," said Olson.

Another method of recovery for sex addicts? Some religious organizations suggest using Internet filtering programs like Covenant Eyes or Triple XXX Church to help monitor and report sex activity.

"For some men, the only time they can have a quote un-quote normal sexual experience is if pornography is somehow part of it. It becomes very impulsive - and it almost feels like they're compelled to do it," added Olson.

Experts say the road to healing is all about honesty - coupled with empathy from a wife.

"You can't pretend - oh, it's glamorous, it's great, it's no big deal," added Olson.

The American Psychiatric Association is now working to include sexual addiction as a legitimate problem.
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