More details released about attack at John Sager Middle School

One week after he was attacked by two teenagers, Principal Dale Stopperan thanks law enforcement and first responders on Friday during an assembly at John Sager Middle School in College Place.

One week after the vicious attack on the principal and staff at John Sager Middle School in College Place, police and prosecutors released more details on Friday.

According to Walla Walla County prosecuting attorney Jim Nagle, a judge ordered both Jaymond Oakhurst, 18, and his 16-year-old brother to undergo a mental evaluation.

“We won't have any more court proceedings until that evaluation is completed and the judge has made a determination of whether he's competent to stand trial."

At Friday’s press conference, the College Place Police Department revealed why they think the attack happened in the first place. Officials say the boys are foster children and feared being removed from their home.

“Investigators believe the motive may be related to an injury by the provider and/or foster mother, which triggered a fear of being removed from the home. Investigators believe they may have had a plan to get their sister and run away,” said Chief Troy Tomaras during a statement.

Oakhurst is charged with two counts of assault in the 1st degree, one count of malicious mischief in the 2nd degree and one count of felony harassment. His bail is set at $100,000.

His brother remains at the Walla Walla County juvenile detention center.

Since the attack, Chief Tomaras says the entire community is slowly healing.

"This is not something that we're used to in this community, so it's been a hard thing for the law enforcement agencies as well as the community.”

Since the attack, police returned to the school every day to give children a sense of comfort in a time of uncertainty.

It turns out they weren’t the only ones stopping by the facility.

John Sager Middle School students cheered for the return of Principal Dale Stopperan as he thanked law enforcement and first responders on Friday at an assembly.

Tomaras says, “It was very exciting to the see the reaction of the students to the principal and the reaction to the fireman and the law enforcement officers that were there as well. It was a really, really great experience and a memory I'll take forever."

The investigation is still ongoing.

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