More dogs euthanized in Benton County Animal Control

KENNEWICK - It's one step forward, one step back for homeless animals in the Tri-Cities. KEPR told you how far fewer animals have been put to sleep at the Tri-City animal shelter... but in Benton County, it's a different story.

This year, Benton County animal control has a 40-percent spike in euthanized animals. That's because more more dogs are being deemed as "potentially dangerous" or "dangerous."

Workers say people are realizing that they can report dangerous dogs. They emphasize - euthanasia is *only used for extreme circumstances.

"We will never euthanize for space or, we haven't euthanized for space, and we don't plan on euthanizing for space anytime in the near future," said Animal Control Manager Keith Mercer.

Besides dangerous animals, the other main reason for euthanasia is that more animals are suffering from severe injuries.