More firefighters hired in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- KEPR learned the Pasco Fire Department just hired two additional fire fighters. It's expected to increase safety by lowering the time it takes to get to your emergency.

Pasco's full staff, including Fire, EMS and Airport patrols, will be at 52. The new hires are coming from Yakima and Benton City. Firefighters said just two more people makes a big difference.

"We're not going to be relying on on outside agencies and that nature. We're gonna see more fire fighters on the scene, a lot quicker than the past," Battalion Chief Dave Hare told KEPR.

Fire officials also told us that more hires could be expected, as more people retire in the next couple years. The decision to add staff was not impacted by the Donut Hole changes in Franklin County.