More hiring this holiday season

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- KEPR is always looking out for you in a tight job market. This holiday season is offering more part time jobs nationwide. So we found out who's hiring here in the Tri-Cities. Target and Toys R Us told us they plan to add at least 25 people to each of their payrolls. Walmart wants 50 new workers.
Best Buy and Fred Meyer also told us they are doing some holiday hiring, but don't know how many positions just yet. Overall, most of the positions are non-management. Lots of smaller local businesses are likely to start hiring a couple extra people to get them through holiday shopping, too.

"It's more opportunities for the community.. But the early bird gets the worm," says Brenton Sarbacher, who's looking for a job.

You can stop in any time to any of these locations and ask for a holiday application.